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Posted by on September 22, 2008

Hi guys (and gals),

Sorry about postponing the final post of my Erlang/OTP series. Its in about a half-written, unedited state right now and I mean to finish it but this week I’m actually moving in to my apartment back at school at the University of Washington! I finally got internet hooked up today and am just making final touches.

I have great things planned however and the feedback I’ve received on this blog has been great.



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  1. Jarrod Dec 04, 2008 09:50

    This is a great series of articles, it is much clearing and more obvious what you are doing than the Programming Erlang book is. Reading your Erlang blog made something just click. One favor to ask, how about one more article that puts a TCP interface on the ErlyBank example you. That is the one thing I have had a hard time finding is how gen_server and gen_tcp work together to create a parallel TCP “server”.
    Thanks again for the great work on these eye opening articles.