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An Introduction to gen_server: “ErlyBank”

Posted by on September 06, 2008

This is the first article in a series of articles introducing all the concepts pertaining to Erlang/OTP. In order to find all these articles later, they are tagged with a unique tag to the series: otp introduction. As promised in my initial introduction to OTP, we will be making a server to handle the fake bank accounts of people at “ErlyBank” (Yes, I enjoy coming up with silly names).

The Scenario: ErlyBank is just starting and they want to start off on the right foot by creating a scalable system for managing the bank accounts of its important customer-base. Having heard about the powers of Erlang, we have been hired to do that! But to test us out, they first want a simple server to handle the creation and destruction of accounts, depositing money, and withdrawing money. They just want a prototype, not something they’ll actually be putting into production.

The Result: We will create a simple server and client to do everything they asked using gen_server. Since its just a prototype, we’ll store the account information in memory for now. The accounts will only be referenced by name, no other information is necessary to create an account. And of course we’ll have validation on withdrawals and deposits.

Note: Before beginning this series, I am assuming you have a basic knowledge of the Erlang syntax. If not, I recommend reading my compendium of beginner erlang resources to find a place you can learn Erlang.

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